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"Sustainability, is providing the best for people and the enviroment both now and in the indefinite future."

Island Farmhouse Poultry

Island Farmhouse Poultry Ltd. was established in 2004 by the Young Family as a way to support and promote Vancouver Island poultry farms. We are proud to be able to sell excellent quality free run chickens from Farmhouse Poultry situated in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.


Kildonan Farms

Located in Sidney, this family run farm supplies us with Free range chicken and turkeys. The birds are either raised out doors on a pasture, or, in a barn with the option to stay inside or wonder around outdoors. These birds are hormone and antibiotic free.


Tannadice Farms

Tannadice Farms takes great pride in producing high quality, succulent meats. They are situated in the beautiful Comox Valley and are family owned and operated since 1974.  They take great care of their animals and it shows in their products. There are no growth hormones, appetite enhancers or animal by-products used.


Glenwood Meats

Glenwood meats is a family run, full service butcher shop supplying us with a wide range of smoked products. 


Four Quarters Meat Productions Inc.

Four Quarters meats is locally owned by Geoff Pinch, formally of "The Whole Beast". He specializes in charcuterie products, as well as our outstanding meat pies and liver pates. He uses the best ingredients from our Island to produce the best products possible. 


Portofino Bakery

We are happy to have Portofino Bakery supply us with a wide variety of delicious and healthy products using only the best ingredients. Portofino uses locally grown wheat found here on our Island, keeping in with the 100 mile diet and the importance of sustainability.


Finest at Sea

A leader in providing the finest quality seafood on the West Coast. All products are 100% wild and are caught by using sustainable fishing practices. 



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