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PAWSitively Natural Dogfood

Made In-House

Traeger the aussie

McLennan's Island Meat & Seafood prides itself on using only excellent quality ingredients with no fillers to ensure a safe, high quality nutritious product. All meats and vegetables are bought whole, then ground and packaged in house. We stand behind all our products.

Pet owners who made the switch to a raw diet have reported the following:


  • Whiter stronger teeth, healthier gums

  • Skin and coat become healthier and shiny

  • Overall stronger immune system

  • Bad breath and odor are minimized or disappears

  • Allergies disappear

  • Better metabolism - weight lost or gained

  • Stool will be less in quantity and odor

  • Hyper pets have become calmer since many behavioral problems are related to diet and allergies

  • Helps deal with flea infestations, hot spots, continual shedding

  • Lethargic pets often gain much more energy and personality

Our Happy Customers

Traeger the Aussie_edited

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;

but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog."

We do custom orders for pets who have special needs.

 Custom cut dog bones are also available.

Please phone ahead for any special orders.

Thank you.

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