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About us

Owner & Meatcutter

Lloyd McLennan, also known as "THE MEATDOGG", has been cutting meat since the age of thirteen. Born and raised in Williams Lake BC, he dreamt of one day opening his own store.


Recently, in the beautiful setting of the Cook St. Village, that dream has become reality. With his newly renovated store and his energized team of knowledgeable staff, he has made quite a name for himself. He has an impressive talent in creating mouth watering recipes, as well as outstanding skills in the art of meat cutting. Lloyd goes above and beyond to source local products from around our Island, taking time to visit each and every facility and farm he deals with. In doing so, he has built great relationships with the farming community, while ensuring the animals are treated ethically and come from farms that take pride in good husbandry methods. 


Lloyd and his shop have won awards for providing superior local products and establishing a reputation for delivering the most compassionate approach to the meat industry. He is also known for his incredible sausages made fresh daily and his smoked cheese recipe. Since taking over Island Meat and Seafood in January 2013, the store has blossomed in ways he and his staff are immensely proud of and they hope to see more consumers who share his passion for quality products and a sustainable community.

Its not everyday that a chicken wanders into your store!

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